Arverne View

Formerly known as Ocean Village, this 1970s Mitchell-Lama era, mixed use complex of 11 buildings with a total of 1,093 units was completely transformed and handed back to the Far Rockaway community in Queens.

Prior to its rehabilitation the complex suffered from years of physical dilapidation of the buildings and grounds, with significant mold infiltration in addition to general disrepair. Additionally, it was heavily burdened by debt and City violations. The social dilapidation that resulted made it a breeding ground for violence, drug dealing and gang activity, pushing the vacancy rate to over 30%.

Hurricane Sandy hit the complex in October 2012, further adding to the devastation, but was nonetheless taken as an opportunity to improve the property in its entirety.

The holistic solution used to address energy efficiency, water tightness and aesthetics in one approach was the complete re-cladding of all exteriors with Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EFIS) to provide a thermal and water resistant envelope. The new finish also infuses the project with color and variation to the previous brutalist raw concrete scheme, breaking up the blocks in an attractive, subdued interpretation of each building’s massing. Replacement of all apartment doors and finishes, new bathrooms, kitchen floors, walls, ceilings, and appliances, rejuvenated the interiors.

The 13 acre site was completely redesigned to provide active and passive recreational areas that enhance beach access and views. Some of the new exterior highlights include playgrounds, bicycle and skateboarding paths, a basketball area with multiple hoops, and benches and paths to promote movement throughout the site.

Views to the Atlantic Ocean have been highlighted through a main organizing central walk that rises to a terrace with benches and barbecue grills overlooking the Atlantic. The new concrete walk is stamped with a wood pattern that replicates the historic boardwalk to which it leads, with new exterior lighting throughout.

Seaside appropriate plantings in combination with active storm barriers enhance community experience as well as minimize maintenance and the threat of future storm damage. Permeable site surfacing increased four-fold through expanded planted areas and gravel walks, allowing for faster storm water drainage and reducing the impact on the municipal sewer system. A storm surge drainage area along the beach was incorporated to protect against future storm surges while creating a raised terrace for residents to enjoy the extraordinary surroundings that had been previously concealed by high fencing and the underside of the adjacent boardwalk.

The extensive improvements to the buildings, site, and community programming was an inclusive process that involved tenants all along the way. Today, Arverne View is at 100% occupancy with a growing waiting list.



L+M Development Partners
Queens, NY
Completed 2014
11 buildings
1,093 apartments
1,040,000 sf
GACE Consulting Engineers PC
Rodkin Cardinale PC
Global Design Strategies
Landscape Architect
Robin Key Landscape Architect

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